Carole Sue Lebbin-Spector Art Works
The Color Etchings are done using typically 4 color- separated copper plates.(one plate will be printed in red, one in black, one in yellow and one in blue). When the colors overlap, it is possible to produce a spectrum of color, All 4 plates have the same original master image. Once they are etched and proofed, they are run in editions of 25-85 on heavy duty etching papers, such as BFK or Somerset Satin.
GICLEE The Giclee prints are generated from high resolution digital scans and printed on Arches watercolor or on canvas. Some of the images are taken from my paintings but several are totally original in nature and are generated by manipulating images on the computer. My editions are quite small :limited to 10-25 prints.
    REDUCTION WOODCUT   My Reduction Woodcut prints are typically done by using 2 primary pieces of plywood, both having the identical image drawn on them. I then make very intricate paper stencils which are laid over sections of the wood . Each run thru the press requires cutting away at the wood and then stenciling on a variety of colors in various sections. In this manner, 3 or 4 colors can be applied, using small rollers, at one time. These prints are run thru the press 10-15 times and have 40-60 separate colors. By the time the print is finished, there is very little wood left. They are printed on Japanese papers in editions of 20-25. I can’t print more because the stencils fall apart.
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